Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will my carpets be wet for days, do I need to stay in a hotel?

Well, if you would like to use us as an excuse for a staycation go right ahead; however in all honesty your carpets will be dry in a couple of hours after the job is complete.

Q: My carpets have been cleaned a number of times and are still dirty and stained. I have been told it is beyond cleaning. Can you clean them?

First, give us a call so we can actually see what damage has been done and if we think it is worth your while to have us clean your carpets. We offer this as a free consultation. Most of the time we have been able to salvage dirty, smelly, stained carpets to a respectable condition.

Q: Should we put a carpet protectant such as Teflon© on after you clean my carpets?

Absolutely not. Save yourself a lot of money and your health by avoiding these chemicals all together. Products such as these contain harmful chemicals that in time when walking on breaks off and becomes airborne thus entering your breathing zone and possibly inhaled. Also if you have pets and small children they are close to the carpet and can lick it and walk on with no socks. It is best if you want to keep your carpets safe and looking their best is to vacuum weekly and have your carpets professionally cleaned by a truly green carpet cleaning service such as Newman’s Natural Carpet Care.

Q: Can our carpets be cleaned in cold weather?

Yes, unlike conventional steam carpet cleaners, Newman’s Natural Carpet Care can take care of you cleanings needs even in the coldest of weather.

Newman's Nat;ural Carpet Care works in all temperatures

Q: How often should I get my carpets cleaned?

Most people have their carpets cleaned annually. Depending on the traffic coming in and out of your house, people or animals or both you may need to have to them cleaned more often. Newman’s Natural Carpet Care, the solution for your indoor pollution.