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Newman's Natural Carpet Care is my favorite carpet cleaning service in Northern Nevada. This family owned company truly takes pride in their work! I have light colored carpet in my home that requires regular care and cleaning on a regular basis. I also have a lazy female boxer who refuses to use her doggy door when we are not home so, unfortunately, accidents happen.

I have been using Newman's Natural Carpet care to clean my home for 9 years. They use only clean, natural products that are safe for the environment, leave no odor and the stains in my carpet never return. Their work is amazing.

If you are looking for the healthiest, deepest cleaning for your home or office then you should call Newman's Natural Carpet Care. They will leave your home with carpets that look fantastic! The Newman's are dedicated to serving their clients with the highest quality, carpet and upholstery cleaning needs! Call them today, you won't be disappointed.

Terrie Leighton
Ferrari-Lund Real Estate
Reno, NV
Ph: (775) 846-5424

Newman's Natural Carpet Care is Pet Friendly
Newman's Natural Carpet Care is Pet Friendly

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I have had several carpet cleaning companies in my home over the past six years. Some were awful, leaving TONS of dirty water in my carpet that I had to extract myself with my steam cleaner. And some just didn't have the expertise and/or equipment to do a good job ... I was told that the dark areas on my carpet weren't from dirt, but from the carpet being scratched, and therefore they could not be cleaned.

Todd and Roberta came in and did a phenomenal job, making all of those "scratched" areas look like brand new carpet. They also did a pretty great job on what I consider to be the most difficult stain of all - dog urine. I have three dogs, so between the potty accidents, puking accidents, and massive amounts of hair, my carpet was a mess. Not only did they make it look great, they did it without using harmful chemicals, without making it smell like bubble gum, AND without being judgmental about the fact that my dogs have peed in my house. In fact, they made an effort to say hello to my dogs, who were not being very well behaved. :)

This was not the cheapest carpet cleaning I've ever had, but you get what you pay for. The last guy told me to make sure I vacuumed really well before he got there. The Newman's vacuumed my entire house before they started the cleaning! If you go for one of those $55 for two rooms deals like I did before, I hope you own a steam cleaner so you can extract all the black water they leave behind like I had to. Check out Newman's website to see how their method is different and better than traditional carpet cleaners.

Last but not least, this is a small, local, family owned business, which is the best kind to support. Todd and Roberta do all the work themselves, so you know you're getting quality work and you don't have to worry about who is coming into your home. Highly recommended!!

Becky B.
Reno, NV